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XL Paragon - Wireless Access

Connect to Real-Time NJMLS Listing Information With New Agent Mobile!

The NJMLS introduced XL Paragon Wireless Access in 2006 to provide members with access to real-time listing information using a web-enabled wireless device. Now we’ve introduced a new, more robust interface that connects you to more of the XL Paragon information you need, when you need it most – when you are on the go.

The easy-to-remember website address for our wireless service has not changed. Just enter into the browser’s address bar on your wireless device and go directly to the Agent Mobile login screen. You can also use the shorter version:

Or, you can enter and click on the photo of the handshake. You will automatically be linked to the Agent Mobile login screen. (Note: If you bookmarked the original wireless website address, it will continue to work; no need to change it.)

To login to the Agent Mobile platform, go to or

For instructions on how to login wirelessly, click here.

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